Video Auditions

Auditions The Broadway Artists IntensiveIf it is not possible for you to attend a Live Audition, a Video Audition will be accepted. Please keep in mind that students will be accepted to the program on a rolling basis, and enrollment for the Florida intensive is limited to 75 students.

First, follow the guidelines below to create your audition video. Next, click the Begin Registration button to complete the Audition Registration Form, and copy your video audition link into the space provided on the form.

Videos need not be professional quality; using the camera on your smart phone is sufficient. Your audition will not be affected by the quality of the video, provided you can be clearly seen and heard. Video formats compatible with YouTube include .mov, .avi, .mpeg, and .wmv. As a guideline, videos should be kept to approximately three to five minutes in length.

Video Audition Requirements

Before you begin, please slate:

your name, your age, current school, the program for which you are auditioning, and the names of your pieces.

Please frame yourself so that we can see you from at least the waist up and place the camera far enough away to allow for aesthetic distance.  Please do not submit a video of yourself in performance and DO NOT SIT for ANY portion of your video.

  1. One song (32 bar/ 1 minute in length) from standard Broadway repertoire, (live or recorded accompaniment only).  Do Not Sing A Cappella.
  2. One contemporary 1 minute monologue from a published play (not a musical).
  3. Using the video below, please learn and record yourself performing the audition dance combination. The combination is first demonstrated with counts all the way through, then section by section, and finally with the music. Once you’ve learned the combination, please be sure to set up facing the camera and be sure your video shows your entire body for the length of your combination.
  4. OPTIONAL – 30 second tap demonstration showcasing your strongest tap skills (pull-backs, time steps, wings, etc.), only if you are a tapper.

*Track information- “Good Morning Baltimore” :30-1:00.   Hairspray Original Broadway Cast Album.

How to label your Video files

(ex. TBAI_Florida_Smith_John)

Upload your Video Audition to YouTube

Below is a link with instructions on how to upload your video to YouTube. Be sure to set your video privacy settings to “Unlisted” so your video can only be viewed by those who have the direct link. Do not mark your video as “Private”, or we will not be able to view your audition.

How to upload videos to YouTube.

After you have created your video and uploaded your audition to YouTube, click below to fill out the Audition Registration Form and attach your YouTube link in the space provided on the form.

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